Andries Van Wijk is a born and raised South African. He has a passion for his
country, its people & most of all its wildlife. He started hunting at a very young age and
in 1999 he realized that the corporate world wasn’t for him, so he traded his accountant’s
office for a life of professional hunting.

After an apprenticeship with a leading outfit, he started guiding clients to some great
animals and magnificent memories. These all proved to be great building blocks to what
eventually became Van Wijk Safaris.

Steffi Van Wijk was born in Namibia and raised in South Africa. She did her
Apprenticeship at the same Outfit as Andries and this is also where they met.
She went on to become a fully qualified Professional Hunter and Tour Guide.
She takes care of the day to day running of Van Wijk Safaris

Elma Van Wijk retired as an and started living out her love for touring.
She is a fully qualified Tour Guide, who delights in sharing our country’s wonders with you.

Spyker started hunting when he was 6 weeks old and has never stopped.
Those who have hunted with him will attest to his energy and dedication.