At van Wijk Safaris we are passionate about hunting. Whatever your choice of weapon, be it Rifle, Bow, Handgun or Black Powder we will give you a hunting experience that will exceed your African dream!! Neutral colored clothing is preferable. Camo is acceptable but not necessary.

Hunting ordinances, regulations, seasons etc are controlled and promulgated by the Nature Conservation Authorities in the various provinces. Regulations stipulate which species can be hunted, when, where and by whom. The provinces also maintains official control of the trophy hunting industry in South Africa. Hunting is regulated on a provincial basis. 

Van Wijk Safaris is an accredited hunting outfitter. We obtain all our licenses and hunting permits prior to the hunting season. Clients do not have to apply for hunting permit except for a CITES 1 animals. In any of these cases Van Wijk Safaris will supply you with all the necessary information.
Rifle Hunting
African game has a reputation as being hard to kill.  That simply is not true. Van Wijk Safaris recommends a .30calibre as the lightest/smallest for plains game hunting and a .375 and up for dangerous game hunting 60 Rounds per caliber should be sufficient enough. And we recommend Barnes Bullets as they are known to be reliable and accurate. It is always wise to know your gun and be comfortable with it.  This will ensure that you make good and clean shots. Shooting distance will vary, but as a general rule in the main areas your shots will be under 200 yards. The Freestate offers some opportunities for longer shots which could be anything between 250 – 350 yards.
Bow Hunting
Bow Hunting involves sitting in specially constructed blinds at water holes, salt licks or other likely areas. Should the need arise we will set up Popup blinds as well as tree stands. Shooting distance is normally kept under 30 yards. Van Wijk Safaris urges bow hunters to practice and be comfortable with their equipment. Expandable broadheads are not legal to use in South Africa, so please leave them at home. For best results and concealments please bring full camo gear.  This includes gloves and facemasks.
Handgun Hunting
Hunting with a handgun is exciting and fun. However South Africa’s stringent gun laws means that you will have to jump through some hoops to import your gun. Please contact us for assistance in this regard. Calibre should be at least a 357 with good quality bullets. No semi-autos are allowed.
Black Powder Hunting
This is the traditional, old way to hunt. Regular firearm importation applies. Please note that commercial airlines are not allowed to carry Pyrodex or similar black powder pellets. It is sadly also not available in South Africa. Regular Black Powder as well as a locally made Black Powder replacement is freely available.

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